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Excitement is at a record high for the film version of “The Fault in Our Stars,” an adaptation of John Green’s international bestselling novel about cancer-stricken teenagers who fall in love. Timothy is excited to have TWO songs in the film. EVERYTHING AND MORE (Randy Goodrum/Timothy Hosman) and BEFORE THE RAIN BEGINS TO FALL (Timothy Hosman).

Keep an ear tuned and a kleenex handy!


mv5bmtc4ndyzntcym15bml5banbnxkftztgwnjq5nzq0mze-_v1_sy1200_cr9106301200_al_Goodrum / Hosman song in Jennifer Aniston’s CAKE

Randy Goodrum & Timothy Hosman’s haunting ballad Magical Embrace adds emotion to Jennifer Aniston’s award winning drama CAKE.








Timothy Hosman Bonnie and Clyde

Hosman Song Featured in A&E’s BONNIE AND CLYDE (2014)

The A&E’s acclaimed mini-series BONNIE AND CLYDE (2014) recently featured a charming 1920’s style composition titled HERE IN MANHATTAN. The fun tune was written, arranged, and even sung by Timothy Hosman. The film was scored by John Debney. (Listen to full song on playlist below)



Hosman Song Featured in SHOWTIME’s RAY DONOVAN (2014)

SHOWTIME’s new hit series RAY DONOVAN (2014) recently featured a big band era song titled SWINGING FOR THE FENCES. The song was written by TIMOTHY HOSMAN and pop music legend JAY GRAYDON.  (Listen to the full  big band version on playlist below)


Listen To More Original Songs Here

Song Details:

1 – CRACKS IN THE STONE Randy Goodrum & Timothy Hosman
From the Motion Picture TRADE OF INNOCENTS

2 – SWINGING FOR THE FENCES Jay Graydon & Timothy Hosman (Client: 5ALARM)

3 – WALKING ON THE WATER Timothy Hosman (Client: AMUSICOM)

4 – HERE IN MANHATTAN (Full Song) Written, Arranged, and Sung Timothy Hosman (Client: 5ALARM)

5 – HEY CUPID Jay Graydon & Timothy Hosman (Client: 5ALARM)